Mulan du Manoir des Dolls

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Mulan du Manoir des Dolls, born on 10/07/2016.

Blue point mitted

LOOF 2016.27891

ID : 25026981204926

Father : Iago du Clos Canifelissy

Mother : Méthodiodius Lovely Manior


ADN tests :

HCM-RG normal homozygote, by filiation

Polykystose rénale : normal, homozygote normal by filiation

FELV FIV negative

Vaccins à jours RCPCH FELV Rage


Mulan isn't available for exterior mariages, thank you.


Mulan got to our cattery at 5 months old. He was a very fearful cat, but who managed to soften and become an incomparable softness with time. Never wants to fight, an angel with both children and kitten. Also, his very athletic body that gives him an incredible agility to jump, and run around. He loves climbling, 2 meters up don't scare him, far from that ! Like every reproducer, he follows the females around. He however has a special affection for Nephtys. They nap together, groom each other, cry to be with each other if they're separated.


Mulan is a blue point mitted, with "bleus de France" blue eyes, long interdigital fur, and loves having his feet massaged. He loves kids and lets them touch him as much as they want ! He tends to leave noisy places to go perch high up  to see everything all the time. As soon as you get out of the house, you can be sure he's waiting right at the window. He has, just as well as Nephtys amajestuous posture, and his fur is really silky. Mulan is a cat with a very slow development that will attain his maturity at 4 years, his ruff is starting to draw itself and go all around his neck, he will be a beautiful cat like his father Iago. Knowing his ascendance, we hope he will give his kittens beautiful features. Don't hesitate to check the next mariages and the photo album of his kittens.


Father of Néo that took the relay of the mother as soon as he could, and still pursues his education at 4 months (01/02/2018). Ideal ! Néo will have a golden character !


We just stressed here the importance of the psycho-affective education of the parents. If we let the parents finish the education of their kitten, you'll get a kitten with a good charachter both mentaly and affectively !

Last edited: 13/07/2019