Netsuké des Saphir de Fera

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Netsuké des Saphir de Fera, born on 25/02/2017.

Blue point

LOOF 2017.11535

Father : 250268731911188

Father : Jarod Héritage de la Rosdolane

Mother : Latana des Saphir de Fera


DNA Tests :

PKD normal homozygous

HCM normal homozygous

PKD ultrasound check : august 2020

FeLV/FIV negative

For this little lady, we blindly trusted her original breeder and do not regret it. She's a gem of a ragdoll that rassemble all the qualities that you can research as an breeder.

Despite her young age, Netsuké has a good build, a head still proportionally a little small to her body, but let's not forget that the ragdoll is developping until around 4 years old. A blue point with "bleu de France" blue eyes ; that loves the most bizzare positions. She is a rag doll, letting herself be carried, petted, shammpooed, transported. Nothing more to say, she's a beauty that has a perfect marking that's going to blossom with the time.

She has a absolute gentleness and most importantly a very strong motherly instinct ; second mom of the kittens : learning of games without violence, grooming, hygiene. She didnt have any kittens for now, but we can already see the mom in her She likes cuddles but not excessively because she's still young, and love playing around with the youngsters and Nephtys. She loves warm places like the bed and the dresser, a cover. She really doesn't like being deprived of her freedom.

Her recent litter with Mulan

Netsuké is currently grand international champion

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