Nephtys de Mayami

Img 3996

Nepthys de Mayami, born on 02/02/2017.

Blue point mitted

LOOF 2017.9278

ID : 250268712566684

Father : Mako de Laf 118836

Mother : Luna des Soyeux

Pedigree (link is coming)


Our little pearl from the South, with a very strong personality. A fire temper that speaks a lot, unlike most of her peers.

Nepthys is a young female, very playful, that loves always having company : lenghty naps on your bed with another ragddoll, an hour of playing in a frenzy ; from playing chasing, to playing ball, ripping toilet paper (a memory from her birth breeder Marine). She is a company that takes space, dare I say ! She chooses her owner et when she does, she doesn't count her kisses, hugs and purrs.

She's blue point mitted, with a very pretty profile, beautiful clear blue eyes that relect the light very well, her eyes sparkle. He fur is incredibly silky, she has the softest fur of all of our ragdolls.

Nepthys did an amazing representation of her breed to the Lille Grand Palais exposition the 06th january 2018, and obtained her first CAC without any problems. She has a very majestic step ! Very proud ! She's now at her first CACGI point !

Our cat's titles !

Her recent litter with Mulan : Ozen and O'désiré

Our presence in exposition !


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