Jayleen des Huit Chemins

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Jayleen des Huit Chemins, born on 17/11/2014.

Seal point mitted

LOOF 2015.4666

ID : 250269606390722

Father : Gyzmo du Délis des Anges

Mother : Heva des Huit Chemins


ADN Tests :

HCM normal homozygous

PKD normal homozygous

Kidney ultrasound : july 2019


Vaccines RCPCH FELV Rage


Jayleen has a rare elagance, always making sure she's clean, that her fur is in the right places. She can adopt very elegant positions too.


Her behavior : This is a cat with an olympian calm, never complaining, never crying. She waits that our eyes cross paths to make us understand something through them.


Her eyes are by the way a very intense and deep bleue, quite rare. Amazing ! Her gaze impose her majesty. She can spend hours looking at you without getting bored, ever, or purring next to you for hours, because what this lady want, is being next to you ! She's also very interested in the outside, which is quite unusual for inside cat. She gets along very well with everyone if no one annoys her. If she's in the way, don't push her, but move her gently, its what she's waiting for you to do ! With kids, Jayleen is a gem ! being manipulated, recieving a thousand kisses, walking around in your arms, nothing bothers her ! She rules over the cattery in silence, which is in total contradiction with her calming character !


Her most recent litter with Mulan (Du Manoir des Dolls) : Olinka

Jayleen is France Champion : exposition results

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