Dolls'n'Rags Anaïs

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IT* Dolls'n'Rags Ellynor Anaïs, born on 28/03/2019.

Seal bicolore HM

ANFI LO.156266

ID : 3502601420968

Father : GI. Starring Aslan

Mother : IC. Zenzidolls Blanche Van Oranje


DNA tests (11/2019):

HCM-RG Normal homozygote n/n

PKD normal homozygote

FELV FIV négatif

Vaccines RCPCH FELV Rage

Coming from Italy, we feel extremely lucky to have this beauty with us everyday. Anaïs is very cuddly, sheloves being on someones knees while they do something else. She likes being taken care of, given hugs, and visual contact : she wants to be looked at ! Very talkative and curious, she's a true little adventurer : she will climb on anything she can find. HEr fur is like a cloud, very soft and silky.

Thank you again to my friend Roberta (from Italy), for this gem!

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