Two kittens are born ! (03/02/2019)


The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is an American breed, not well known in France unfortunately, despite both a very calm presence and character. They are way calmer than Bengals, and physically generally look like a Birman. They're classed as a big cat, like the Maine Coons, even though they're not as big as them.

The kittens (/cats), take 4 years to fully develop, whether it is comportementally (their owner plays a large role in this), their marking (color), or their bone structure.

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Img 3745





"Rag doll" : These cats are very relaxed, especially with children. They give their entire trust to their owner.








Img 4018






"Very zen" : This breed is very calm (if you forget the crazy little play moments obviously !!), a tru quiet force in the house.







Img 2642






They are very social  and love being with their peers and your families. They'll definitely want cuddles and kisses !






Nepthys and Mulan


Img 0543






"Adoration" : Their blue eyes look right through your soul.








Img 3996







"Majestic" : They are precious gems, they love showing off.







In this cattery, our kittens don't leave at 2 months, because it is at that age that the psycho-affective education is the most intense and important. Patience is what will allow you to have a pure breed kitten worth that name. Give them some time ! Moreover, we feed our little kittens with high-end cat food (Atavik), raw meat, as well as wet food, which guarantees them an ideal growth and an easier adaptation thanks to the diversity.

Our kitten breeding cattery is situated in France, near Lille (Nord-pas-de-Calais).

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